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Learn More about Zhittya's Parkinson's Disease Projects!

Zhittya Genesis Medicine is developing a drug, fibroblast growth factor 1 (FGF-1), to possibly treat Parkinson's disease by growing new blood vessels in the brains of individuals suffering from Parkinson's. FGF-1 has also shown excellent efficacy in treating Parkinson's disease in Cynomolgus monkey models. After one group was administered FGF-1 and the other a placebo dose, the FGF-1 administered monkeys not only improved their motor scores almost to normal, but also increased their dopamine production and decreased their build up of alpha-synuclein plaque.


Beyond these monkey models, since May 2022, Zhittya Genesis Medicine has been treating patients suffering from Parkinson's Disease in medical research studies to gauge efficacy and safety. In these studies, Zhittya has treated over 130 patients suffering from Parkinson's Disease with an average improvement of 53% improvement in motor scores, as well as non-motor improvements such as reported improvements in cognition, memory, balance, social anxiety and more. You can see preliminary data of how we believe our patients have improved, on average, over six months when compared to the average decline in motor scores associated with Parkinson's Disease over that same period:


MDS-UPDRS Score vs. Month (1).png

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